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Auto updates with Actual Updater

This article will show you how to make an application to update itself automatically.

An automatic updating is a mechanism when the updater periodically checks for updates for you application, and when it is available, the program downloads and installs this new version silently.

Using Actual Updater, configure the update program with the automatic update feature enabled. Include the update files into your app's installer. Initialize the auto update feature after installation using your installer.

NOTE: If you use Actual Installer, then you don't need to make these steps, as the setup program will make it automatically.

To make it, configure the update program to automatically check for updates on Windows startup, once a day or a week. Then, you need to select the option "Install Updates Silently".

This feature uses the Downloader.exe file in order to silently download and install an installer file for the latest version. So this file is needed to be included within Updater.exe and Updater.ini files into your app's folder.