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Actual Updater and Actual Installer

Actual Updater can be used with any Windows software, no matter what installer you use.

But you can simplify the process of the software distribution if you use our installation system, Actual Installer, as it has the Actual Updater features built-in.

Just select the option "Include Actual Updater tool" and use its features.

You may use the Actual Updater Configuration Tool for creating Update Information File.

Actual Installer update feature

You don't have to create the "Updater.ini" file as the setup program uses for the update purpose the file "Uninstall.ini", which is created during the installation.
Just make sure that the option "Include Uninstaller" is selected on the page "Installation \ Uninstallation".

And you don't have to copy the file "Updater.exe" into your app's main folder as it will be automatically installed with your program during the installation.

When using the feature "Automatically Check for Updates (on Windows startup, Daily, Weekly, Monthly)" you don't need to initialize this feature (using the switch /Init). All necessary actions will be done automatically during the installation of your app.